This is a transparent functional desk lamp as it easily adapts itself to any kind of environment. Thanks its geometrical shape it blends into the visual field and becomes almost unnoticeable for its user.


It is composed of three elements: a pair of aluminium feet, a plastic slab folded with heat, and a LED plate. The prevailing shape is the triangle and that is what gives it a visual discretion.

H.200 x L.1000 x l.200

This lamp is at the same time light and steady thanks to the plastic element and the aluminium feet. Paradoxically the feet bring stability and lightness with its thin … tubes that cross and emphasize the triangular shape. They are the extension of the body of the lamp, as they are in contact with the plastic to the folding. They fit closely in the body to bring stability. The two elements of the lamp are in contradiction with each other through the materials, but actually match very well through the shape.